Ever thought about becoming Elon Musk for a day?

So, I've finally launched the game... I put a half-day's worth of effort and stress and anxiety into making it. Yes, it runs on Bootstrap, so what?

A glorious future awaits humanity!

Welcome, aspiring interplanetary colonization executive!

In this game, you start from nothing — a nobody, with no funds to your name — and by the time you've been playing it for half a day, you need to have built up a truckload of in-game money and sent humanity to reach the stars! Why? Because it is your destiny, as a human being, and as a player of this web-based "incremental" game, to do just that!

Monitor your resources on the left and purchase new ones on the right. Grow humanity's civilization beyond our earthly cradle. It is your destiny!

(The above text was an in-game marketing blurb.)


Idle Space Colonization Play in browser
Nov 06, 2018

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